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"The overall effectiveness of the Leather Pitching Target has exceeded my expectations.  It is an exceptional product with impressive durability and best of all, it makes our program better.  My guys love the quality and sound of your target."

Ken Knutson - Ex-Head Baseball Coach, University of Washington

Get our portable Multi-Sport Practice Net with FREE carry case for only $175, a savings of $74.95, with the purchase of a Professional or Select Model Leather Pitching Target.
A highly effective professional training system for serious pitchers
 Features:  Benefits:
  Premium baseball glove leather   Develop pin-point control
  Catcher's mitt "snap" impact sound   Increase arm strength
  Precision impact location tracking   Gain confidence
  Self-directed training program   Workout without a catcher
  Online Ranking   Stay motivated by terrific competition

Finally, a pitching target good enough for professional pitchers! 

Until now, the only pitching targets available were nets, tarps, clown faces or carnival contraptions with little appeal to serious pitchers.

The Leather Pitching Target is a highly effective pitcher’s training aid combined with a proven self-directed training program designed to dramatically improve fastball command.  Innovative features include a dynamic and authentic catcher’s mitt “snap” sound effect produced by a pitched ball hitting the premium baseball glove leather target.  The target has also been designed to easily track the precise ball-to-target impact location of every pitch.  Because the target is padded, on most pitches you can clearly see an impression in the leather where the ball hits the target.  The target does not get dotted with multiple impressions because the impact force of each pitch "blows out" the previous impact impression and creates a new mark in the leather.  This unique visual feature provides instant and accurate feedback on the quality of every pitch and helps a pitcher fine-tune their release point, leading to improved consistency and pin-point control.  Customers include professional pitchers, college and high school coaches and pitchers, private pitching instructors, baseball and softball academies, and serious pitchers of all ages.  Both models are suitable for baseball and softball and require a netted support frame, which is sold separately.


Rusty Trudeau - Baseball/Softball National Sales Manager, Baden Sports
"The Leather Pitching Target stands alone as the highest quality pitching target available.  I'm a firm believer in the product and the company that stands behind it."


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